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Covac Global revolutionized medical evacuation without the burden of hospitalization requirements. Our in-house medical staff and worldwide medical transport teams stand ready to bring our members back to their home hospital of choice without first being hospitalized at the location of injury or illness.


COVAC GLOBAL’s groundbreaking COVID-19 Memberships gives you the confidence to travel for both leisure and business. Our coverage gives you and the ones you love full peace of mind that should you be diagnosed with COVID-19 while traveling, you can come home for care and treatment.


Our teams of military special operations, intelligence and law enforcement veterans are available 24/7 to provide rapid advice, response and evacuation of our members for events such as civil unrest, war, terrorism natural disasters, missing persons and criminal activity. Our Remote Rescue benefits are included in all Security Membership Upgrades to include search, locating, rescue and evacuation of those in perilous environments.


We bring global emergency resources right to you no matter how remote or austere the environment. Our deployable air, sea and ground assets are ready to rescue our members at their location of injury, illness or peril. Our Remote Rescue is included in all medical and security memberships and is the only one in the market that covers Search and Rescue.
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Average cost of international medical evacuation back home
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Average cost of security extraction and repatriation
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Average cost of international Covid-19/contagious disease evacuation back home
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Why Covac Global?

In the old world of travel insurance plans, companies face many hurdles like high out of pocket fees with little flexibility of coverage. Insurance companies were vastly underprepared for the pandemic and denied coverage to those who needed it most.

Covac Global has revolutionized emergency travel assistance through our membership-based programs to provide peace of mind for your company. With our membership, you and your colleagues can travel with confidence knowing that you will not be stuck in a foreign hospital, rack up overseas medical bills, or pay out of pocket expenses. The only cost to your organization is the cost of our membership program, and nothing else.

It's simple, you get sick, we get you home.

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