Restricted Countries

Covac Global’s Pandemic Intelligence Unit (comprised of our medical, operations, and intelligence staff) have identified countries to add to a Restricted Countries List specifically for our Covid-19 memberships. Our team reviews infection rates, government restrictions, and availability of assets for evacuations. 

The determination for each country on the list was made in consultation with experts and based on the best available information available specifically reviewing the following criteria:

  1. Infection rates – increased transmissibility of new coronavirus variants has led to skyrocketing caseloads all over the world. This means that travelers to certain destinations have an extremely high likelihood of contracting COVID-19 on their trip. This risk is compounded in countries that lack appropriate medical care, have low rates of vaccination, or have hospitals overwhelmed with cases.
  2. Government restrictions – increasing levels of cases globally has caused some governments to implement more roadblocks to travelers who test positive in their country. Harsher quarantines and stricter regulations can make travel unsafe and timely evacuation more difficult. Additionally, the lack of rule of law in some countries can give way to arbitrary stoppages of the evacuation process. 
  3. Availability of assets for evacuation – certain destinations have limited availability of aeromedical assets in the region to perform timely evacuations. This includes areas of high caseloads where members of the flight crew contract COVID-19 and are no longer able to fly. High numbers of positive cases have also affected the availability of PCR tests in many countries, which may mean our members will not be able to get a get a PCR test to meet one of our triggers for evacuation.

We advise all Covac Global members to avoid travel to these countries, as we will not be able to guarantee an evacuation home should you contract COVID-19 during your trip. When critical levels in one or more of these criteria are reached, Covac Global will make the determination that this destination is unsafe for travel.

While any trips currently planned to the countries on this list will be supported, we highly recommend that members rethink their travel plans. No future travel to these countries will be supported until they are removed from this list.

Restricted Country List

  • Afghanistan
  • Costa Rica
  • Cuba
  • Iran
  • Iraq
  • North Korea
  • Somalia
  • Sudan
  • Ukraine



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