Ken McElroy, CEO & YPO Member

“Most insurance companies will only bring you home if you have COVID if you are already hospitalized with it. Including the travel insurance YPO currently has. Covac Global will send a private air ambulance to get you as soon as you simply test positive and have any COVID symptom. I purchased this policy knowing there was a possibility I could catch COVID on our trip and I didn't want to be stuck in another country or need medical attention there. Sure enough, we did catch COVID and were immediately put in quarantine and told we would be there for 14 days no exceptions. They even flagged our passports so that we could not leave by private plane. Covac was our only option.

I immediately called Covac Global, and they got us out within 24 hours. They sent a private helicopter to get us off the island and onto the mainland and an air ambulance with two nurses onboard to get us back to Arizona. Upon landing on the tarmac in Phoenix they had a van waiting to drive us back to our home. They even sent a beautiful flower arrangement the next day wishing us well. The security was worth every penny.”

Raquel Pires, Insurance Broker

“The experience I had with your team getting me home from the Bahamas was better than I could have imagined. There were a few different people I was communicating with during the whole process and each one of them was amazing.

Hugo at your operations center was very supportive and always kept me updated on what was happening, which I really appreciated. Flight Nurse Kelcee took great care of me and made sure I was doing well throughout the whole flight home. She was more than amazing! I felt very safe and taken care of throughout this whole process, and I thank you and your team immensely. Thank you so much for getting me back home safely.”

Laura and Martha Kolodny, MAKI International

“When one of my local staff members became critically ill with Covid-19 at his home high up in the Peruvian Andes I didn’t know where to turn. A colleague suggested I reach out the Covac Global to see if there was anything they could do to help move him to a more advanced facility at a lower altitude. Within hours of contacting Covac Global, their operations team had a solution to transport our staff member out of the small mountain community of Ayacucho to an advanced facility in Lima to receive the care he needed. Their senior leadership, operations teams and medical professionals were able to add much needed calm and confidence to the situation and cared for our staff members like family.

We would whole heartedly recommend Covac Global to anyone traveling or operating near or far from home.”

Karen Z

“When I contracted Covid-19 on a trip to Uganda I was very glad I had Covac Global. They handled my evacuation back home quickly and professionally. The staff put my mind at ease and were truly took. Care of my needs, putting my comfort and well-being above all.

My experience was extraordinary and I have referred many others to their unique and wonderful service.”

Jodi // Spain to New York

“My experience with Covac Global was absolutely seamless. From the moment I reached out with our positive PCR tests, they were incredibly responsive and supportive. Our flight nurses were kind and attentive and our trip home was comfortable and easy. I would definitely recommend Covac Global to my friends and clients. In fact, I wouldn’t leave the country without purchasing a membership. While I never thought I would have to use it, I am incredibly grateful that I had a membership when we tested positive for COVID-19 on our trip."



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